The Litona Story

The idea of Litona was born during Sebastian Büchele's research stay in 2021/22 in the research group of Prof. Michael Metzger and Prof. Jeff Dahn at Dalhousie University. Due to the lack of commercially available sodium-ion cathode active material, Sebastian decided to produce his own material on a large scale.

After a brief search, the ideal location was found at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Prof. Helmut Ehrenberg's Institute for Applied Materials - Energy Storage Systems (IAM-ESS). Within the research group Synthesis and Ceramic Powder Technology of Dr. Joachim Binder, all the necessary equipment and know-how for the material's optimization was found. In addition, the connection to the Post Lithium Storage Cluster of Excellence (POLiS) allows unrestricted exchange with numerous experts.

Synthesis lab in Helmholtz Energy Materials Foundry. (KIT/Amadeus Bramsiepe)

After a successful first scale-up of Prussian White in the Helmholtz Energy Materials Foundry (HEMF), Sebastian won the KIT Responsible Innovation Challenge in May 2023, enabling further scale-up of the material.​

Tom Bötticher and Noah Keim joined the project in July 2023, before Litona was founded in August 2023 to accelerate research on sodium-ion battery cells and expand research worldwide.

In early 2024, Litona began selling its cathode material. In March 2024, Tom Bötticher was appointed Co-Managing Director of Litona. Shortly afterwards, we closed our first pre-seed funding round, which enables us to build our own laboratory facilities and further scale our products.

The Team

Sebastian Büchele
Founder, CEO & CTO
Tom Bötticher
Co-founder & COO
Noah Keim
Materials Engineer
Michael Metzger
Scientific Advisor